Are you trained to teach but afraid to lead?

 You have come to the right place if you are looking to find, or re-find, your Yoga Voice (that’s my way of saying, tap into the source inside that is a confident, shining, inspiring Yoga Instructor)

You really are in the right place. You’ve made through, or are on your way through, 200 – 500 hours of soul digging, life altering, Yoga Teacher Training (I hope you feel so proud of yourself for following your heart to become a Yoga Instructor. Your connection to Yoga must be so deep that you wanted to share what you love most with the world).

You probably have started teaching or are trying to but perhaps the thought of walking into a room guiding a class through 60-90 minutes of heart filling, soul searching asana is daunting. Maybe you cant even get the studders and shakes our of your voice our or the courage to audition for teaching gigs.

I know how you feel. When I was in teacher training I was definitely stuck. Yoga had brought me so much freedom in my life and I could not get the words out of my mouth to lead a class if my life depended on it. I felt small amongst the people who found it so easy. I was sick to my stomach overanalyzing and pushing myself down for not being able to speak in front of the room. 

I was in a teacher training class of actors and dancers (aka: people with practice speaking in front of many people). Most of the people already had training in how to talk in public and how to be in public. I didn’t. I was the girl who did not participate outloud in college but did all the work behind the scenes. I was the girl who did not speak up to my boyfriend when I needed to. I was the girl who always felt like the invisible one amongst a bunch of beautiful flamingos. Over time, teaching yoga helped me get out of this pattern and move into a place of pride. My fear of public speaking began to cease as I began to feel more confident with who I was and who I could be to other people. It took a long time for me to create internal resources and embody a trusting relationship with myself and my teaching.





I really want to help you become the most confident Yoga Instructor in town. I know how you feel, I really really do. And I wish I had a source like this to help me when I was in teacher training.

We could be a perfect team if:

· You are a teacher who is now certified but feel afraid to begin teaching 

· You are a teacher in training and you feel like the black sheep amongst confident classmates

· You are not afraid to teach but you don’t know what to teach (sequences, life lessons, you name it)

· You received negative feedback once about your teaching and you swore never to teach again

· It has been a while since you have been out of training and you never started to teach, and now, you don’t even know what to teach anymore

I am here to help! I’ve been using my strategies to help myself through auditions, bounce back from negative feedback, and face fear and more fear. Are you ready to learn how to break through your negative patterns and step into being the teacher you want to be?  


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