Why do many people get trained to teach yoga but don’t actually end up teaching?

When it comes to teaching yoga, I don’t believe in “faking it till you make it” or “make it or break it.” Yoga is highly personal and very special to both the teacher and student. I want to help you break through your current blocks and help you get to where you want to be.

I am the right mentor for you if:

  1. you have never been a public speaker but your eagerness to teach yoga has pushed you to want to learn
  2. you don’t feel confident anywhere really, and are realizing this now
  3. you want to teach more than anything, you really feel like your message is powerful but you choke up when it comes time to speak
  4. you need accountability, you feel stuck or you need someone to push you along
  5. you want a few tools to put in your toolbag to use for the rest of your life

“I wanted to thank you for putting so much work into Project Speak and offering it up for free to new yoga teachers. As a new teacher, I am gaining a lot from reading the advise of these wonderful experienced teachers!” – Linda

Project Speak is really great!  I’ve enjoyed receiving this in my inbox every week :)  – P

“I really feel like I have a guardian angel on my shoulder every step of the way” – T