Are you ready to be the teacher you want to be?

* gain confidence * find your niche * see possibilities and ignite creativity * feel better about who you are and where you are going * build a schedule that works for you *

Imagine having as much support as you need as if someone was always by your side helping you achieve your goals.

Does this sound familiar?

You spend more time in your head than you do actually teaching.

You have 100 “good” reasons for why you should not start teaching.

You freeze when you even think about teaching a class, and you haven’t even reached out to studio’s or places to teach.

As much as you love yoga, you feel thoughts around teaching are taking you over, and you are exhausted from worrying.

You are frustrated because you know you should be making a huge difference in this world but instead you are playing small. 

Everyone you speak to reminds you “there are so many yoga instructors” and “its so hard to teach” but no one is offering to help you figure out how.

I have great news for you. You are in the right place and I am here to help. 

We will get through this together.  

* gain confidence * find your niche * see possibilities and ignite creativity * feel better about who you are and where you are going * build a schedule that works for you *

[/typography]  How?

We will begin talking about where you are now and where you want to be.

We will discuss your excuses and the reasons you give yourself for not having your dream.

We will work together side by side for 6-12 weeks (or as long as you need) and connect weekly through a phone call (weekly or bi-weekly) and emails.

I will offer help, advice, and push you to succeed (even if you push me back).

You will not be left alone. 


The best part? I am keeping prices cheap.

The catch? You have to take action.

Doubting yourself,  purley “trusting the universe,” and thinking about it will not get you into a studio teaching.

You have to take action.

Why? Because I understand where you are coming from. I was there too.

I am going to share  story about my personal experience with you.

I didn’t have it easy when I was learning to teach yoga.  I wanted to teach SO BAD. I grew so much from taking yoga that I wanted to give that experience to someone else, but I would fall into pieces when it was my turn.

I tried and tried and could not get through class-run without stumbling over my words and shaking myself back to my floor spot.  I was frustrated. I spent hours, days, and frankly  an entire summer studying poses and repeating cues to myself as I walked down busy NYC streets.

“Childs pose. Sit your hips to your heels and lengthen your arms out in front of you. Allow your head to gently touch the ground as you soften into your hips……”

It was the last day of teacher training when I finally taught a class. After a brutal summer in the city, I was resting in child’s pose when the training coordinator tapped me on my shoulder and told me I was teaching this one. I was shocked, but did not have time to be scared. I just let go and did it.

It was one of the most amazing expierences of my life. After class, my fellow teacher trainees praised me and told me they loved it.

But the coordinators? Well, they were not in the room, but had some critiques.

In my moment of glory, they told me I did a bad job and I wasn’t loud enough.

It did hit me hard at first, but I had felt so good that I couldn’t let it get me down. I picked my head up and decided I did do a good job, and that was all I needed to believe.

This situation taught me to see past my own perspective and the perspective of others. It taught me how to be real with myself when I need it most. 

Over the course of 4 years teaching in two different cities I have had to pick myself back up again and again from external and internal criticism. I also have learned how to be creative and search for teaching opportunities. After teaching a variety of populations, I understand what it takes to be successful in teaching children, teens, adults, and even cancer patients.

My Guarantee to You

Once we begin our relationship you have 30 days to ask for a refund.  However, you have to work hard. If you are unresponsive on calls, fail to do your homework, and do not engage yourself in helping yourself you are not eligible for a refund. 

However, if you speak with me weekly, respond to my emails, ask questions and do all of your homework, but don’t feel like you are “getting something” out of this, I will happily send you a full refund.

Are you ready? 

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